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March 28th.  It is spring.  And… it is snowing.  Huge snow flakes were falling all morning.  Now its all melted away, but today’s high was 5 degrees C (that’s 41 degrees F).  This is Vancouver.  They say this never happens.  They say it never snows here.  But it does.  And it’s cold.

Where, o yellow circle, have you gone to hide?  When, o yellow circle, will you come to play?  Speak, o yellow circle, to the clouds!  Speak, o yellow circle!!

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Snow day!

It snowed a lot here in Vancouver yesterday. Woke up this morning to like a foot of snow. It took me like an hour to drive to work. I must admit, my heart had a few moments of pounding against my chest as I drove slowly in the slushy mess. A lot of people were taking transit, for obvious reasons. I felt really sorry for those people who were innocently waiting for their bus to arrive, but instead, were greeted by these big splashes of dirty wet snow slush splashed onto them by passing cars on the road.

Aside from the ugliness of a bad commute on a snow day, I really do love snow. Especially watching those big snowflakes slowly drift down from the heavens… it’s like everything is in slow motion, and for a moment, I can just pause and daydream a little. Thank you God for these moments…

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I always knew Whistler was famous, but not really that popular.  Then, today, I arrived in London-Heathrow airport for a week-long business trip.  Waiting to claim my bag, I saw dozens and dozens of long bags — snowboard and skis — coming into the baggage pickup.  I turned to the British gal next to me, who had some skis, and asked “Did you just go to Whistler?”  In which she responded, “Of course.  Whistler is famous!”  Go figure.

Ok… jet-lagged with two hours of sleep on the plane… nite all.  

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