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Okay, just to warn, this a 100% geek post.

I was reading my RSS feeds today to catch up on the news and I came across this really interesting program called Weather Cal that puts the weather forecast on your iCal with these cool little icons that show what the weather is.

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ESV on iPod Kindle

Yup.  I didn’t believe it.  But when Bert told me you could get the ESV Bible for free on the iPod Touch or iPhone with Kindle, I went online today to check it out.  And yes, it is true.  It is not the prettiest interface for the Bible, but hey, it is free and it is the full version of a solid, present-day translation.

So here’s what you do:

  1. Download and install Kindle from the iTunes App Store.
  2. Launch the app and login with your Amazon account (I hear it is only doable with a US account).
  3. Go to the ESV page on, and you will see a buy option (for the low low price of $0.00) allowing it to send directly to your iPod Touch or iPhone.
  4. Relaunch the Kindle app and it should be in your book list.

That’s it!  Enjoy.  :)

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I began this morning with my usual routine of reading the latest news through Google Reader (LOVE this product, by the way) and so many articles were stimulating my thoughts.  Among them, writings honoring the legacy of Bill Gates, great tidbits about Legos, and a seminary in prison.

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I have been working on my Chinese literacy skills and the engineer in me has been increasingly frustrated with the lack of good software to aid these endeavors.  So, today, I introduce Pingguo Chinese-English Dictionary, for the Mac OS X, of course. 😉

Pingguo Chinese-English Dictionary

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