Weekend in London

I have just finished preparing another Turkey (yes, another one) for a Christmas Eve party tonight. While its sitting and absorbing all them herbs and stuff, I thought I would put up a quick post about this past weekend when Betty and I took a trip down to London visit family, see Les Miserables (awesome musical!) and do a little shopping. We stayed at the house of my Uncle David and Aunt Sue (he’s technically my second cousin — my dad’s cousin — but that just sounds weird).  My Uncle David came out of retirement six years ago when his brother, Sam, passed away.  Uncle David took over Uncle Sam’s ironmonger (translation: hardware store).  As you can see from the pictures it is such a clutter, but he has just about everything and knows where everything is!  Evidently, prior to the establishment of Samuel Ironmonger, his parents started the first Chinese restaurant in that area of London in 1953 – Kowloon Restaurant.  It was really cool to see the pictures of the restaurant and original menu.  Hmm.. I would like some Gar Lee Ngau Yuk £5 and Yee Foo Min Tong for £2 (yah, it was really expensive even back then!).


Another notable thing to mention was our visit of a local place of worship.  At one point it was Hanover Chapel:

Now, it is a new place of worship (notice the cross in the upper left corner):

Oh, and if you are ever in London and get off at Covent Garden Tube station, do NOT take the stairs.  It was so crowded to take the elevator that we decided to follow the crowd up the stairs while not heeding the sign that says how many steps there were.

Yah, that was the workout for the weekend.  Ok… back to my food preparation!

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